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01 June 2009 @ 11:32 am
Here is the list of stories, I’ve put them in a linear structure, over eight years at Odessa. They were originally written and posted non linear as I like to jump around the timeline. You can find that list HERE

Render. The night of the conception (NC-17)
Synchronicity. Sex and talking. Same event as the first. (NC-17)

Pseudo. What takes place the five months before Maya was kidnapped. (5 chapters, R)
Choke. A game of cat and mouse. Maya hunts him. Takes place during 'Pseudo'

Paternal. Sylar visits his father to tell him the happy news.

Samaritan. She's goes to the magic man for a cure. Meredith comes for the cure. (R)

Kept Woman. The world is dying and Maya is trapped. The original story! Last chapter takes place during 2013.

Gilded Cage. She's unsteady, he won't leave her be. Takes place after she's been there two months, she's 7 months pregnant.

Cravings. Maya has a craving for something she can't name.

Winnie. Cravings reach honey bear levels.

Deal. If she didn't say anything about their dark past to their daughter, neither would he.

False Alarm. He watches over her as she sleeps, a few days before she gives birth.
Panacea. He cures her but she would rather stab him then offer thanks. After she's given birth.

Shields and Leashes. She creeps into his room, knife in hand. (NC-17)

Supervision. Snippets of them together with Nadia. Fluff and Rage.
Trust. Maya needs to be sure of something.

Beaches. Maya needs to relax

Ideal. He lies in bed with an exhausted Maya and imagines what it should be like. (R)
Fears. He shows her the place he died and she finds the Vault.

Dolls and Songs. Childhood remembrance
Snow. They go on a road trip to find survivors, Maya thinking he'll kill them if they have abilities. Turns out more pleasant then she imagined.

Story Cycles. Bedtime Games. Angst.

Little People. Some dolls are wanted, some are not

Parenting. Another family lives on the Base, about to part. Elle and Adam.
Mall. They go to a deserted mall to get provisions but they are not as alone as they think.

Amor? She's open and happy with him for once. Blames the drink...

Dreams. “I can make you mine, taste your lips of wine, anytime, night or day.” (NC-17)

Hope. Maya suggests something to him and he's not pleased.

Annealed Maenad. It's Maya's birthday but she doesn't feel like celebrating. More on Maya's "affair."

Clocks. Maya breaks his rules and has an "affair".

Stop. He wants to teach her a lesson. Doesn't quite go as planned... After Maya tried to poison him.

Bed Time. They try to get Nadia to go to sleep.
Mother Earth & Father Time. Nadia's understanding and her 'Hope.' This is like a fairytale of Nadia's, twisiting her parents into mythical figures.

Visits and Past Dealings.  She wants answers to her past and finds them there. Nadia's Ability.

Inundate. Paintng of a girl, swimming of drowning? Someone dies.

Turning Point. Maya makes some big changes to her way of life.
Halfway Real. Apparitions are all he has now. Gabriel in isolation and depressed. (NC-17)

Dreamwalking. Gabriel's dream gets a visitor, Peter.

Let go. Maya lets go of him. The end of their time in Odessa.


Under a Bad Sign Rescued from Odessa Maya has to make a hard choice. She meets Howard Lemay.

Lazaret Nadia goes missing and they have to find her before it's too late.

Dramatis Personae. Maya finds a room filled with Angela's dream journals and discovers things that could have been and things that might.